Supporting Permaculture education in Cuba

CAWR PhD Researcher, Diana Rodriguez Cala, who is a great spirit active in the Permaculture movement in Havana, who is trying to link Cuban academia, conservation scientists and permaculture practitioners. I wanted to introduce you to a pioneer project for permaculture education in Cuba that she is supporting, in the hope that you can direct her to some channels of funding that you might know of.

This project is a permaculture system located in the Western Mountains of Cuba, in a town called Catarina, where Sierra de Los Órganos and Sierra del Rosario meet each other to form the broader Guaniguanico mountainous massif. The project started in 2016 with the participation of the community and is called RAMAVIVA. The leaders of this ongoing project are permaculture facilitators accredited nationally by the Foundation for Nature and Man Antonio Nunez Jimenez, which is a Cuban NGO that started the permaculture training back in the 1990 in Cuba. This NGO gives trainings and coordinates capacity building sessions throughout Cuba to maintain the permaculture movement in the country. However, so far there is no proper school to teach permaculture in the country. The Foundation does trainings but with very limited resources and space, since there is no an official space to do so. The leaders of RAMAVIVA are aiming to convert this system in a community-workshop-school to educate people in the philosophy of permaculture in Cuba and the good living, and specifically in the region where the system is located. For that, we need to develop the system so that there is a house for the school and also for the team that will be giving the trainings. So far, the system has an allotment, two houses, one dry bath and two pools, one for recreation and another one to grow a native fish species as part of a conservation project. It is worthy to highlight that RAMAVIVA has contributed to the development of conservation projects in the region, since the place is included into a protected area (category VI according to IUCN ranking). Moreover, the project is aiming to restore some cultural traditions that are being lost in the region, like the traditional community fest in the Cuban countryside. To be able to renew the current permaculture system so that it is suitable as educational space, this project would need a constant source of funding for about 3 years.

If you are interested to know more please email Diana at: [email protected]

Thank you!

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