Erw Fach, Capel Cynon, Ffostrasol, Ceredigion

I own 3.74 hectares of land at Capel Cynon, Ceredigion, and have
recently begun preparations to use it for permaculture, including
making it available for grazing at the right times each year. I am not
expert in the relevant matters, and am nearing 80 years old. I
therefore need enlightened help from totally honest people, who would
be granted the full profits from their activity in getting
permaculture going. As I am a pensioner the government is bound by its
own laws to keep me alive, so I do not need to profit from my own land
myself. Those who are willing to come and work the land would enjoy
the whole of their own produce. I shall contribute financially to the
setting up and running of a suitable permaculture scheme, and shall
construct the requisite buildings. I have already erected a shed, and
plan a compost toilet and then suitable overnight accommodation, which
may be a shepherd's hut or a static building designed and built
approximately on the principles of Segal. I already have experience of
such matters.

The land itself is a gentle slope towards the south-east, with a
variety of soils. There is clay over part of the site, and a spring of
drinkable water runs from a point near the top. The site is a few
metres from an A road, but is totally invisible from it, adjacent to
the village of Capel Cynon, but visible from only a very few houses
within the settlement, probably making it an ideal One Planet
Development site.

I would like to enquire whether
[email protected] knows of anyone,
or a few people, who would like to cooperate in setting up and running profitable permaculture on my land. The very highest ethics are essential in any cooperator, and my own ethics are, I believe, unimpeachable.

I am well known to Angie Polkey, who formerly worked for Pont, I believe.

We also have a Volkswagen Polo car, currently not in use but very
serviceable, available as a gift to anyone who helps the scheme to a
significant extent, especially to young people without the financial
means to buy a reliable car of their own.

Other details and an inspection of the land can be easily provided.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or contacts to offer. Email as first contact at [email protected]

Eric Franklin

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