Community Medicinal Garden Project

Hi guys, we are looking for help and advice on terracing a steep bit of land we will be using for a non profit project that we are running. Is there anyone you could recommend who would perhaps like to volunteer their skills and help project manage?

See details bellow:

The Community Medicine Chest at Rockaway Park

A Botanical Medicine Chest for all

An exciting new venture bringing people & plants together for helping & healing people & the land

Our aim is to encourage human health & well-being & to increase the health of our environment. We believe at a fundamental level, that you cannot separate the two.
Studies have shown how important feeling part of nature is to our physical and mental health, causing sustained increases in happiness, health & connection with nature.

Ecosystems, interdependent webs of living organisms and their physical environment, are vital to all life on earth. Biodiversity, the range and variation of life in an ecosystem, is a major factor in its resilience. Our ecosystems provide us with clean air, fresh water, food, resources and medicine.
The advancement of climate change means that right now we are in crisis. We need to do what we can to promote a more sustainable way of living & this is our small step towards that.

We are creating a space in the beautiful north Somerset countryside at Rockaway Park, so people from all walks of life can come & connect to nature, learn how to live in a more sustainable way & hopefully take away some skills to help live happier, healthier & more harmonious lives.
Young, older people, families, people with special needs, with mental health issues, from disadvantaged backgrounds, living in isolation, & on a wider scale – anyone with an interest! We want the space to be holistic & inclusive in every way.

On the acre of land there will be
- Vegetable plots
- Forest gardening bed
- Medicinal herb beds
- A wild flower meadow or pollinator flower bed
- Wildlife pond(s)
- Natural bee hives
- Reed bed filtration & rainwater harvesting irrigation system
- Rockaway park also has classroom facilities, where courses will be run on a variety of subjects including natural plant medicines, nutrition & practical remedy making workshops
- We will sell locally produced herbal medicine products, conduct guided herb walks, including forest walks & meditations along with plant identification days

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to help out with the creation of this venture we would LOVE to hear from you!
We are looking for volunteers and donations for this valuable project.
Email us at: [email protected]m

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