Advice needed for thermal dynamic outside kitchen

The plan is to build a kitchen area next to an existing bread oven made from cob. I was thinking of using the rocket stove design as the main cooking element. I want to design the area to get maximum use out of every joule of heat (entropy ex/included!!!).

I’m thinking about heating water, using convection to make cool box, drying herbs and clothes, dehydrating stuff, smoking fish etc, capturing CO2 and heat for fast growing of duckweed, bio-char, heating the hen house in winter and possibly a cup of tea if I’m lucky.

I was planning on using cob and piles of rubble for thermal mass as I’ve already got all the materials.

I’m looking for someone with experience and knowledge who can help me design these systems and also to be pointed towards videos and books that people think would help.

If anyone can spend some time giving expert advice I can repay them in fermented drinks, herbal tinctures, woodworking or other skilled labour that you might need.

I have a attached an image of my first simple ideas, This is not exactly what I intend to make, just initial sketch.

Drawing of proposed rocket stove

Please get in touch if you think you can help - Joe Sallis.

Contact email: 

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