An opportunity for a permaculture designer, which may be of interest to Diploma Apprentices.

Permaculture designer for Turners' Field co-housing, Somerset

A Permaculture design is needed for a planning application for Turners’ Field near Glastonbury.

The plan is for a modest-sized eco-co-housing application, specially manageable by elders, but not exclusively, with teaching space, a wildlife trail, super-easy veg growing gardens, economic activity, poultry keeping, interface with the village commmunity, common ownership, etc.

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Develop branding for #WeLoveLiving campaign

We aim to convince thousands of people to make a myriad of small alterations to their lifestyles that add up to a big change. We can do this together by creating shared simple, fun, and low cost resources.

The permaculture community has a huge range of skills that could provide much better shared resources. We are hoping to work together to develop blogs, webpages, and articles for local media plus demonstrations, talks, workshops, and day courses.

The emphasis in all these should be on fun, simplicity, and low cost.

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