Permaculture Design Team Member - London

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Closing date for applications: 
Thursday, 31 December, 2020
About the Job: 

We are attempting  to combine  beauty  nurture with a touch of magic
...habitat for bees a sacred well, crystals, rocks, herbs and veg in raised

Client: Peter Leanse (PL) 07841 159154 [email protected]
Location: Crouch Hill  LONDON
Fees TBA ? hourly rates

We are looking for someone London based  to join Permaculture Team providing
   onsite support and  collaboration with  Peter Cow in Devon.

Gardening skills knowledge of local ecology and practical understanding of
permaculture.  .

Work includes

   *  moving plants
*   sourcing new seeds
*   designing raised  beds for veg and herbs
*    "planting out".

Stage 1 Clearance / Preparation
Stage 2 (Landscaping Team)
Stage 3 Planting Up and Out

(See Stages 1 and 3 below)

   Permaculture Team

Designer : Peter Cow: (PC)
Gardener: TBA

Onsite  Implementation - Principal Tasks

Stage 1  Preparation for Clearance

In consultation with PL and PC make onsite decisions on which plants can be
moved where in advance of forthcoming building works which will result in the
loss of one sq metre of flowerbed ; could some plants be relocated or
accommodated in pots?

Stage 2

Design  Kitchen Window Raised Bed (for Herb, draw up plan with dimensions
allowing for drainage and maintenance access

Preferred Materials Chestnut or Oak

Design of Bay Window Raised Bed (Veg)

To populate and plant up when ready.

Proposed Dimesions (ft) 8L x 3W x 2H

To  advise / specify  locations and installation of Bee hotels Nesting Boxes
Wind Chimes, Bird Tables etc  (LS (carpenter) to confirm design proposed
locations and fixings.)

Stage Three (below) will involve liaising with  carpenter during raised bed
construction and installation  planting up the raised beds with  herbs and
vegetables on the sunny side of the garden (which will be re-paved).and
running  an irrigation system to the lower beds which will also need
re-planting .

Stage 3 Planting Up and Irrigation (all beds)

Populate and plant up bed with frames for wall-climbing fruit.

After clearance and repaving is completed oversee installation and filling of
raised beds

New Lower beds
Agree quantities of soil/compost/mulch  required with PL who will order for
/collection or delivery when needed. Relocate or reinstate some existing
plants  plant out new layout as detailed in separate document. Source seeds
and plants for this. Discuss and ageee an irrigation system design. Soil
irrigation pipes and spray heads to be supplied and fitted by Landscaping

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