SteveMarquis - Educator Profile


Steve MarquisMy educational permaculture biography is short as I start my journey but my permaculture journey has been long.  I first came into contact with permaculture in the early 80s by a chance conversation with a friend who had spent some time travelling in and around Australia.  I was at that time starting a journey in Information Technology as a designer having started in a mechanical engineering background.   He described permaculture to me, Bill Mollison and the book Permaculture One which he let me look at (it was too precious for me to borrow).  I was hooked but had no idea how I could get myself into it and lost track of time busying myself with what turned into a consulting career, taking in business systems design, along with a bit of teaching.  I've also some considerable experience running my own business as an independent consultant and as an award-winning publican and postmaster.

Having started using the internet since the 70s I tracked down one or two things via some ancient internet search methods, it's so much easier with the world wide web now and the online resources available.  I've watched and read Bill Mollisons teachings, various of his TV programmes and watched his PDCs. I've gone on to read Patrick Whitefield +others and it's taken an age to formalise my knowledge by taking my PDC with Graham Bell and I'm now consolidating that experience on my own land and in starting to teach (they say the best way to learn is to teach).

I'm presently developing an Introduction to Permaculture course, first for my (acting as guinea pig) wife Ness and then hopefully soon in Caithness at the top of Scotland where we have a venue at Thurso Grows (a community garden) and eventually at my own site.  I hope to add to that by aiding and abetting the odd PDC along the way, building my own site as a demonstration centre and developing my educators credentials further, more of which I'll add below when the time comes.

Finally I've been representing the Permaculture Association from the Scottish perspective by running their Twitter account and co-managing their Facebook page and Facebook group which I encourage you to join.  I've also been working at promoting #52ClimateActions via their website, you guessed it,

Qualifications and skills
  • Permaculture Design Certificate, Orkney, Graham Bell 2019
  • Soils: Introducing the world beneath our feet, Online, Lancaster University, 2018
  • Green Champions Training, Inverness, Resource Efficient Scotland, 2017
  • Resource Efficiency Action Planning Advanced Modules, online, Resource Efficient Scotland, 2017 
  • Linked In details

Skills, technical expertise and areas of interest: 
  • Renewables
  • Passive systems
  • Water Management

Areas of Permaculture Design Experience: 
  • Greening up the business
  • Business process
  • Engineering
  • Systems
Teaching Information
Offering teaching in the following geographical areas: 
Mostly Scotland and the North of England
I teach at weekends.
I teach in the evenings.
I can accommodate families.
I can accommodate partners.
I can accommodate students.

Please contact me for details.

Steve Marquis [email protected] Achentoot, Broubster, Caithness, KW14 7RB