What we are up to



Lachlan, one of the long-term volunteers in the CoLab, is reporting back from the IPC 2017 in India for the CoLab and IPEN. A great many insights; as well as valuable conversations and networks.


Open Badges is an initial project that the CoLab is serving and accommodating. We are developing a system where informal learning can be recognised by a range of bodies. They give out badges in return, which are helpful for communicating your knowledge, skills, and experience. How it works (is envisioned to work), you can find out in this blogpost.


The CoLab grows out of the fertile ground that is our shared passion, vision, and motivation. Permaculture practitioners would like to make make the systems we are part of more resilient and sustainable. For them to be able to focus on doing that there are some people that deal with all the other stuff. These people are trying to design an environment that nurtures the CoLabs collaborative initiatives. What that entails and who these people are is described in some detail in this blog post.


When working collaboratively we need to make decisions. The CoLab experiments with ways of doing that in a permaculture friendly way. We are trying out consent decision making along Sociocracy lines. Practically, we are using Loomio (an online tool) to make decisions. This post also outlines some central and important decisions we have already taken.


Andy Goldring tells a story about how we got to have a CoLab. From early conversations in Jordan (2011) up to the present day... much talking, thinking, and work has been done to get here.