Who are we?

Currently, there are mainly three groups of people involved in the project.

The initial Stewards

Andrew Langford

Benjamin L. Vidmar


Hannah Apricot Eckberg


John Schinnerer


Judith Lashbrook


Katja Urban


Mugove Walter Nyika


Suzie Cahn



The Volunteers


Erin Young

Through my involvement with the CoLab, I am hoping to achieve a sense of contribution to an effective and thriving global permaculture movement that is relevant and shaping of modern times.  I primarily do this through supporting the social infrastructure of the movement with whole-systems governance and decision-making; ranging from the broader levels to the more detailed in how we operate together.  Designing our people systems with a whole-systems approach - through effective feedback loops, transparency and equivalence of component parts - will allow the permaculture movement to be collaborative, agile, productive, resourceful and on-target.


Ian Lillington





Javiera Carrion




Lachlan McKenzie

As a volunteer for the Permaculture Association Britain, I didn’t step into the CoLab work intentionally, rather that with my international support role and with CoLab under development this was the work that most required attention and fitted with my skills. On a personal achievements level, I’ve met and worked with many amazing people and have many new friends. I’ve become much more computer savvy as well as thinking and operating at strategic and global levels. In terms of CoLab itself, as part of the Next Big Step workshops at the IPC London 2015 I participated in the education sub group (now called IPEN - International Permaculture Education Network) because I want to see permaculture education progress and accelerate, providing a wider range of courses and resources in a wider range of languages and at a consistently high standard.  I am continuing with this and, with my clear understanding of CoLab’s objectives, can see how CoLab can help IPEN achieve these objectives much more easily and effectively. Through working with other CoLab groups and projects IPEN can also draw on other emerging permaculture fields and in-turn offer them support through our work. I want to see permaculture become much more understood and utilised in general society, as a design tool and practice, ultimately to help push society rapidly past basic sustainability objectives to local-to-global regenerative actions. CoLab can be an important medium for this urgently needed change.



Martjin van der Kamp




Robin Clayfield

Globally I'd like to support the CoLab team with facilitation, creative process and ideas to assist in growing a cohesive, collaborative and rapidly responsive network of Permaculture groups and people from every country.
Nationally I can support the Australasian network and all it's independent nodes by encouraging them to benefit from connecting as part of the amazing web of mycelium that connects and nourishes us all.
Personally I feel I will have achieved a lot by being involved at the global level and helping that be relevant and useful at home. A sense of satisfaction and gratitude for all of us supporting the growth and natural succession of the Permaculture Ecosystem will be a gift. Achieving 'Right Livelihood' for all involved in Permaculture, so everyone can put in their very best and stay focused on their contributions, would also be a huge achievement and in my opinion, it's probably the most important nourishment the system needs to expand and sustain itself.



Russ Grayson



The Technicians


Andy Goldring



Naomi van der Velden

I like to bridge gaps and connect dots. The CoLab offers some powerful opportunities to share, strengthen and augment what we're doing with permaculture to enhance people's lives and improve our world.  For me, there are three main things I hope we can achieve:

1) Connecting people and networks so that they can benefit from shared experiences and more easily work together on new projects.

2) Enabling learning from, and sharing of, all the amazing examples of practice out there. To showcase what permaculture can achieve, whilst achieving it for more people.

3) Coordinating our exploration and evaluation of new topics, techniques and applications of knowledge. To purposefully and collaboratively research what works, what doesn't work, and to better understand where, when and why this is the case. To provide a robust evidence base and flexible options for implementation.


Philipp Grunewald

Through my engagement with the CoLab I am working towards a more equitable and reslient socio-ecological future. I am supporting people to be their best selves when it comes to collaborative working and collective impact.
In permaculture I see a community and movement that has (on the whole) a vision, values, and principles that I can agree with. Helping this endeavour to become more coherent and effective, to increase its impact on the future status quo, is something I am passionate about.

And the people that helped make things happen along the way

April Sampson-Kelly, Armen Kazaryan, Ben Habib, Diana Hammill, Dominik Jais, Ed Walta, Gillian Kozicki, Graham Calder, Grifen Hope, Hannah Smith, Irina Sardarova, Jacqueline Dawn Faulkner, Jennifer Dauksha-Morgan, Koreen Brennan, Martin Dagoberto, Mogomotsi Ketlhaetse, Nandor Tanczos, Paul Cook, Paval Karpalau, Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Scott Pitman, Star Hawk.