The Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory (CoLab)

The Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory (CoLab) is a space to collaborate, a space to enhance the effectiveness of permaculture networks.
If you share our vision of a healthy world in which we care for the earth, each other and future generations, in harmony with nature, then this is a space for you to get collaborative work done.
If you are working on projects and enterprises that work towards that vision then the CoLab is where you will find support.
The CoLab is in its infancy. At the moment it is an experimental framework to help connect permaculture practitioners and organisations, and make it easier for us to work together in the areas we are most passionate about. The last stage of the project showed that this is very important to permaculture practitioners around the world.
Since this has never been done before we are trialing and testing what works for permaculture practitioners. There are things we have learned already and others we are currently exploring. Join us on the journey to making something really great that people in the movement find useful and valuable. Check out where we would like to go with this, tell us what you think, and get involved.